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    What is Innovate42?

    Innovate42 is a Subscriber Experience Platform with three core components:


    - The Subscription Offer App and API, which allows you to manage subscription offers

    - The Subscription Order App and API, which allows you to manage subscription orders

    - The Subscriber Data Hub, which allows you to feed subscriber data from relevant data sources

    What is the Subscription Offer App and API?

    The Subscription Offer App enables you to create your subscription offers. You can create subscription products and split them in multiple offers, for example by defining campaign or segment information, or adding special terms, discounts and bundles.


    The Subscription Offer API allows you to import subscription products from other systems, enrich offers programmatically and export to third-party apps.

    What is the Subscription Order App and API?

    The Subscription Order App helps you to manage and track new subscriptions or changes in existing subscriptions. It natively loads the Subscription Offer App offer data. Typical subscription orders are new orders, renewals, switch (downgrade or upgrade), cancellation, suspension and resumption, change in payment methods, change in entitlements or change in contact details.


    The Subscription Order API allows you to track online or third-party subscription orders.

    Why is the Subscriber Data Hub?

    The Subscriber Data Hub helps to aggregate subscriber data from other cloud apps, such as subscriber log-ins, app usage, email open rate, fulfilment data etc... This data can help users of the Innovate42 platform to better understand subscriber usage alongside offers and orders information. In practice, marketers can see the performance for acquisition, retention and cross-sell offers in real-time. Customer Service agents can understand previous subscriber activity and provide better order assistance.


    Feeding third-party subscriber data is optional.

    What are typical use cases for Innovate42's Subscriber Experience Platform?

    There are three typical use cases for the platform:


    - Customer Service: Enabling agents to search a comprehensive product catalogue, see key subscriber data, and process orders with intuitive journeys

    - Self-service: Displaying offers and subscription information to subscribers and enabling them to make quick subscription purchases or changes

    - Analytics: Understanding which subscription offers drive acquisition, retention and cross-sell, and quickly deploying iterative offers and closing the loop by tracking orders

    Subscription Offer Management

    What is a Subscription Offer?

    An offer is a subscription product you sell. It can be a time-based subscription (e.g. $10 per week), usage-based subscription (e.g. £10 per GB per month), or a one-time product (e.g. €10). Offers must include at least a Pricing, Region, and Attributes such as Code, Name and Description.


    You can enrich offer data with Association, Integration and Metadata. Association defines a product grouping, for example a Campaign, or a set of related products, such as a bundle. Integration can store identifiers for external product catalogue. Metadata allows you to define your own attributes.

    Subscription Order Management