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    Unified APIs and Salesforce App for Subscription Offer and Order Management

    Rich Subscription Offer Management

    Aggregate your product catalogues in our Offer Management app. Create bundles, gifts, special discounts and vouchers. Tag to campaigns. Group similar offers. Activate only for some subscriber segments or subscription journeys. Easily distribute your offers online and offline via our Offer API. Voilà - product proliferation mess sorted.

    Any Channel Subscription Order Management

    Track and manage all online and offline journeys from acquisition, to renewals, upgrades, cancellation, payments and more via our Order API and Salesforce Order Management App. Bring in real-time, cross-channel subscriber data and keep them in a single source of truth. Get a 360º view on what your subscribers are doing.

    Powerful Order Orchestration

    Orchestrate physical deliveries, digital entitlements, invoices, payments, taxes and more with our powerful and extensible integration tools. Automate operational workflows and see auditable logs of each provisioning step.

    Smart Cross-Sell and Retention Offers

    Coming soon

    Create personalised, relevant cross-sells and retention offers for specific segment of subscribers. Surface them online and offline with Innovate42's AI. Defeat churn for good and reward your subscribers' loyalty.

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