• Better subscriber experiences

    Our vision is to transform subscriber experiences. We want to equip every business-to-consumer (B2C) subscription businesses with better tools to manage the offers they serve to subscribers and the requests they get from subscribers.


    Innovate42 is London-based and is backed by 15 entrepreneurs and investors, including the cofounders of Gumtree, Entrepreneur First, and Crane VC.

  • Meet the team

    We worked for years in the subscription industry, helping B2C brands acquire and retain subscribers. We realised that subscriptions are not about bills or payment schedules. It's about how companies treat their subscribers. Am I being rewarded for my loyalty? Can I cancel easily? Can I switch between offers seamlessly? And um, can I get a freebie? 😇


    The subscriber experience should be personalised, flexible, and transparent. To deliver it, companies need better tools. We're on a mission to deliver them.

    Amaury de Closset

    Co-founder and CEO

    Amaury previously launched and scaled GoCardless in France, a recurring payment startup that has raised $25m. He also worked at BCG in New York and has two MSc from UC Berkeley and Arts et Métiers ParisTech. He likes to write about startups and subscriptions on Twitter and Medium.

    Daniel Morton

    Co-founder and Chief Architect

    Daniel has been an architect and developer for the last 15 years, building the software running some of the UK's largest mobile, broadband and newspaper businesses during his time at Zuora, Three and Ericsson. He knows a thing or two about how a robust architecture for a subscription business looks like.

    Fabien Flight

    Lead Salesforce Engineer

    Fabien has worked at Alzheimer's Society, NCS, Cap Gemini, Ford Motor and Jaguar Land Rover and BMW. He's delivered Salesforce applications to thousands of end-users in enterprise environments.

    Emmanuel Quarless

    Full-Stack Developer

    Emmanuel worked at Qubit developing software components for retailers that have been seen and used by millions of customers every day. He graduated from Queen Mary University London with a BSc in Computer Science. He is an MMA enthusiast and isn't afraid to show it.


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    HQ: Capital House, 42 Weston St, London SE1 3QD
    00 44 (0) 20 3828 7478